BBQ Friend - Non Stick Cooking Spray

BBQ Friend - Non Stick Cooking Spray

Safer with Non-Flammable Aerosol Cooking Spray. Completely tasteless and odorless, allowing foods to retain 100% of their natural flavor. Healthier than rival products and with better Non-Stick efficacy. Lowest Calorie and fat content. ADVANTAGES of our patented BBQ friend formula over other BBQ and cooking sprays are as follows: 1. SAFETY The only Non-Flammable Aerosol Cooking Spray. Our product has been lab tested and proven to be flame proof. Other cooking sprays use Butane as the propellant which is flammable and potentially explosive; our Patent uses Nitrogen. 2. TASTE Our Patent uses Nitrogen, which is completely tasteless and odorless, allowing foods to retain 100% of their natural flavor. 3. HEALTH During the de-oiling process, the dry lecithin is left with a minimal amount of fatty acids and triglycerides. Other products use liquid lecithin, where the fatty acids and triglycerides remain. 4. NON-STICK EFFICACY The dry or de-oiled lecithin has one and one third times the non-stick efficacy as the liquid form. Additionally our BBQ formula uses a greater lecithin content than other products. 5. LOWEST CALORIE AND FAT CONTENT The caloric and fat content is significantly lower than any other spray, because we are able to replace oil with water, without impacting the efficacy of the product. Download: Flyer - BBQ friend Pack Size: 6
Includes Braai Friend Spray

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